The Barn

In the Barn at 4th Dimension you will find large plush farm animals that you can care for and feed! Step out into the fenced in yard and plant a flower garden or go fishing!

The Hospital

Inside of the Mini Mitchell Chiropractic clinic you will be able to tend to little patients, check x-rays and explore what it’s like to be a chiropractor!

The Little House

At this Home Sweet Mo property you’re imagination will come to life as you prepare meals in the kitchen, wash laundry, relax on the couch with your basset hound or put your baby down for a nap.

The Bank

Welcome to Little Phelps County Bank! Here you will find an ATM, Teller Station and lots of play money to count and keep track of!

The Castle

Welcome to LulaRoe Shyla B’s Princess Palace! Visit the hair and make up station, play with your pet unicorn or escape the fire breathing dragon!

The Fire Station

At the 4th Dimension Fire Station you can dress as a fireman and put out fires with a real fire hose! Don’t forget to feed the station dog and practice climbing so you’re ready when the alarm sounds!

The Restaurant

Welcome to Dickey’s Bar-B-Q Pit. Here you can be a server, a chef, a customer, or all of the above! Enjoy dressing up, taking orders, cooking the food, washing dishes and taking customers payments!

The Mechanic Shop

At this tiny version of Gahr Truck & Equipment you will be able to work with tools on little trucks and cars, as well as learn how different things work with our sensory boards.

The Toddler Zone

This area of 4th Dimension is designated for those 24 months and younger. They can play in a ball pit, have fun on the slide, or enjoy climbing on and building with big, soft blocks.